Kristina Shapran and Xander Parish in Balanchine’s ‘Apollo’, Mariinsky Ballet on tour to Ravenna, Italy. October 5th 2014

KRISTINOCHKAAAAA thank you Zach :’))) is there any footage of her Giselle, do you know??

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Bolshoi Academy.

Evan McKie - Les Etoiles du XXIème Siècle - photo by Emmanuel Donny

KRISTINA SHAPRAN IS SO GORGEOUS (taken from her fb page)

Sylvie Guillem
ph. Gilles Tapie

Artists of The Australian Ballet in The Dream. 1969.
The Australian Ballet Archives.

Natalia Osipova in Connectome, The Royal Ballet © ROH/Bill Cooper, 2014 by Royal Opera House Covent Garden on Flickr.

Company Dancer Eleanor Freeman as Myrtha in Queensland Ballet’s Giselle. Photographer David Kelly, 2013.
Two dancers distinguished themselves greatly as Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis. Lisa Edwards, seen on Friday and Saturday evening, has greatly grown in authority of late and demonstrated a commanding presence and gaze and wonderful elevation. Eleanor Freeman’s expressive use of her upper body at the Saturday matinee was magical.

© Sasha Gouliaev


weinerchesters replied to your post “what is your diet like on an average day? :)”

hey, why do you avoid eating after 6 pm? i heard a rumor that your metabolism “slows down” then but thats not true at all! metabolism is pretty constant

i personally try (try, mind you, try) to avoid it…

It’s not that it sits there and remains undigested, like rotting in your stomach or whatever, hahaha, it’s just that:

1) You don’t need to be eating a ton of food if you’re pretty much done with all strenuous activity for the day. Get the protein and complex carbs in your body earlier in the day, and your blood sugar will feel more stable and you’ll have more consistent energy and recovery throughout your day.

2) If you eat and then go to bed you are lying horizontally, so you’re not letting gravity help your body process and digest the food as it travels through your intestines so when you wake up there’s a greater chance you’ll feel bloated or backed up (tmi but hey we’re dancers this stuff is critical and we can totally feel it HAHA sorrynotsorry it’s important to mention). Hence, why old people eat breakfast, have their prunes, and go for a stroll. Helps keep everything working, u feel me?

3) Your will power is diminished later in the day when you’re tired, especially if you’re stressed, and if you are in the habit of eating a later or heavier dinner then it just gets harder and harder for you to make smart choices about what you eat and your portion size.

I’m not saying everyone should abide by the “don’t eat after 6pm” rule, and in all honesty depending on my day sometimes I just can’t because of my strange class schedule and getting home later, but I personally find that I feel better when I stick to that rule and fast from 6pm until breakfast.


At the roof of Saint Petersburg, Russia
by Serg D


Sunset in Arhiz, Russian Caucasus

by fotomm


A97651_35A by lawa on Flickr.

Sarah Lamb in Scenes de ballet
photo by Johan Persson